Reliability Just Got Smaller

Harwin Range of micro Miniature connectors. Gecko is the new high-reliability; high performance connector from Harwin that is small, withstands extreme temperatures and is unshockable!

Gecko is an Electra FinalistHarwin's Gecko range is the winner of Passive and Electromechanical Product of the Year 2013.

The Heart of the Connector

At the heart of the connector is the four-finger copper-alloy contact.

The precision-turned contact ensures no discontinuity of signal under extremes of shock and vibration, is highly durable and is capable of carrying 2.0A per contact. The contacts are designed to withstand high numbers of mating cycles but also feature low insertion and extraction forces.

Contact highlights:

  • Shock – Z axis 100g 6ms - No Discontinuity > 1µ EIA-364-27
  • Durability – 1,000 operations
  • 2.8A in isolation 2.0A simultaneously


Technical Specifications

  • Footprint saving

    45% on 2mm Pitch, 35% on systems such as Micro-D.

  • Electrical Specifications
    Current Rating 2.0A EIA-364-70
    Constant Resistance 20mΩ EIA-364-06
    Insulation Resistance 1000M EIA-364-01
  • Environmental Specifications
    Environmental classification 65/150/96 hours at 95% RH
    Operational temperature -65ºC to 150ºC
    *Vibration sensitivity 10Hz to 2000Hz, 1.5mm, 198mm/s2 (20G). duration 2h
    *Shock severity 981m/s2 (100G) for 6ms
    *Tested with latched connectors
  • Mechanical Specifications
    100g Z Axis 6ms No discontinuity.
    Pin Spacings - 1.25mm.
    PCB Space savings - 45% on 2mm Pitch, 35% on systems such as Micro-D.
    Durability - 1,000 operations.
  • Environmentally Friendly Material
    No Lead in contacts or latches.
    No Brominated Flame Retardants or Red Phosphorus in housings.

Housing Features

Keyway Polarisation

No. 1 Position Identified

For easy cable identification.

Potting Wall

Rear wall accepts potting material to reduce cable strain.

Latching Features

Retention barb for through hole connectors

Ensures PCB retention.

Surface mount metal solder tabs

Ensures PCB retention.

Easy to release latches

Squeeze-to-release latches that can separate by hand.



Cable connectors are available as pre-crimped assemblies or as pre-crimped cables or simply as loose contacts offering maximum flexibility for your cabling requirements.


  • Military

    Future soldier programmes, communications, soldier carried electronics and equipment.

  • Military Aerospace

    Fighter jets, head-up displays, helicopters.

  • Commercial Avionics

    Flight controls, in flight entertainment, safety systems.

  • Robotics

    Rescue robots, bomb-disposal, and humanoid robotics.

  • UAVs

    Unmanned civial and military aircraft, underwater craft and vehicles.

  • Oil & Gas

    Down-hole / in-well drilling and equipment.

  • Medical Electronics

    Robotic surgery, life support systems etc.

Tech Resources

Gecko's high performance is assured. The following video outlines the recommended crimping process for Gecko cable connectors.


  • DownloadDownload the Gecko Component Specification here:
  • DownloadCatalogue Download
  • DownloadView the Test Report for Gecko

How To Buy

The Gecko G125 connectors are now available from stock throughout Harwin's distributor network. Click below to find the products you require using the Browser, or search for a specific part number. Once on a product page, select "How to buy" to see available stocks.

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